Things you need to know before planning a baby

Having a child is a blessing to every woman. After a few years of marriage, every couple wishes to have a child in their life. But ladies! Before getting pregnant there are many aspects which you should take care of like your diet, weight, medical history, habits, etc.

There are lots of things to consider before having a child.Let’s discuss it thoroughly.

  1. Baby talk

    Before having a child you and your partner should talk about it, whether you both are prepared for it or not. Because after this, your child should be your first priority and you should be ready to uphold the responsibility of your kid.

  2. The gap between having a child after marriage

    You should plan a baby at least after 2 years of marriage. Meanwhile, at this time you both can have a mutual understanding which is required to build a strong bond. Parenthood plays an important role in the upbringing of his/her child and qualitative parenthood can be achieved by establishing a qualitative relationship between husband and wife.

  3. Financial Status 

    Securing the financial future for your newborn baby is very important. You should concentrate on your monthly saving so that you can achieve that goal. You should update your life or medical insurance in order to get a claim when required. To conclude, when you are ready financially only then you can think about planning a child for his/her secure future.

  4. Pre-conception checkup

    Another important aspect which you should take care of before pregnancy is a pre-conception checkup. Your doctor should know everything about your health and medical history. In order to achieve a healthy pregnancy, you should be very careful with your medical issues such as thyroid, sugar, blood pressure, asthma, etc. Your gynecologist should be aware of your all post medical issues so that she can guide you in the best way for achieving a healthy pregnancy.

  5. Knowledge of ovulation period 

    Fertility days of women is known as her ovulation period. She should have knowledge about the best time to get pregnant. Awareness of the ovulation period can help to increase the chance of her pregnancy. Nowadays easily check your ovulation period at your home by using fertility testing kits available in the market such as I- Know testing ovulation kit, Pregaplan one step LH ovulation, etc.

  6. Change in habits

    This is the time to say no to smoking and drinking habits. Consumption of these can harm your baby organ development. So if you wish to have a healthy baby than start adopting a healthy lifestyle.

  7. Test to be done before pregnancy 

    Make yourself aware of your pre-pregnancy body conditions by performing the following tests.

  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Thyroid
  • PH level
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Chickenpox

There are a few important tests for males to be done before planning a child.

  • Hormone test
  • Genetic test
  • Sperm function test
  • HIV


Its responsibility of both the partners to persue healthy lifestyle for planning a healthy baby. You can add the following to build up vigorous pre-pregnancy dietary plan.

    • 4 mg of Folic acid
    • Multivitamin tablets
    • Calcium with vitamin D3 tablets
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