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Spiderman Triggered Glove

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Pull-on the Hero Spiderman Triggered Glove and you’ll feel just like Spider-Man! This is the perfect choice for the Lil spiderman fans. This realistic glove looks like it’s part of the wall-crawling hero’s costume. Move your wrist like the web-slinger to trigger the glove’s awesome web-battling sounds, and press the button for rapid-firing sounds! The flip-up scope helps you target your web strikes.  Your little one will enjoy this.


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Key Features -

  • Tough and cool features
  • Made from durable material
  • Makes web-battling and rapid firing sounds
  •  Flip-up scope helps you target your web strike
  • Durable for indoor and outdoor play in different terrain.


    • Type – Spiderman Triggered Glove
    • Age – 3 years+
    • Material – Durable


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