Party Games for Kids

Party Games for Kids

Make your next kids party a huge success with these great classic games, there’s something for every age and most can be adapted to your kid’s party theme. Some are old favourites and some are a new twist on the classics you’ll remember from when you were a kid!

Remember: The most important thing for running a great party full of games is being super organised (i.e. have the music or props ready to go!) and remembering those much-sought after little prizes for winners!

1. Pass the parcel

Always a fun favourite! Simply wrap a small gift in lots of layers of paper. Have the kids sit in a circle, and when the music stops, the child holding the parcel unwraps one layer. Continue until the gift is opened. A great version for younger kids who might struggle with the rules is to pass a ball, and the child who gets it each time the music stops gets a small lolly or prize. Some people swear by a gift in every layer, we think there’s a good life lesson that you can’t always be a winner! Whatever works for you!

2. Pin the tail on the donkey

A classic party game where each child takes a turn at pinning the tail on a picture of a donkey while blindfolded, with the winner the one who pins closest to the correct spot. Easily adapted to your kid’s favourite theme: pin the sword on the pirate, wand on the fairy, tail on the dinosaur or crown on the princess.

3. Apple bob

A great game for a hot day! Fill a large bucket with water and a few apples. Each child takes a turn trying to get an apple using only their teeth.

4. Dangling donuts

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Hang donuts on strings from the clothesline. Each child tries to eat their donut using only their mouth (no hands!), with the first one finished the winner. Also works with pretzels and jelly snakes!

5. 3-legged race

A fun game best played outside. Using old stockings, tie pairs of children’s legs together and get ready to race!

6. Musical statues

Great for kids with high energy! The kids dance to music and each time the music stops they stand still. The last child moving each time is out.

7. Musical bob

Similar to musical statues, except when the music stops the kids bob down. Last one down is out.

8. Musical chairs

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Another fun music game! The kids circle a row of chairs while the music plays. Each time it stops, they sit on a chair. Whoever doesn’t have a chair is out. For younger kids, a softer version is to use a row of cushions instead of chairs.

9. Piñata

Fill a piñata with lollies and the kids take turns hitting it until it bursts! Be careful of safety when blindfolded kids swing the stick around!

10. Water balloon piñata

A great hot day twist on the old favourite! Push lollies into balloons and then fill the balloons with water. Hang them outside and let the kids take turns throwing a ball at the balloons.


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