Mom and baby hospital bag checklist

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Are you ready for your big day?

To become a mother is a special day for every woman. She is nervous as well as excited for this situation. The preparation for this day should be very special and complete. If your due date is near then you should pack your bag which you need before, during or after your delivery.

If you are confused about when and what to pack in your hospital bag then do check the information given below:-

 When to pack your bag

First question comes in your mind when you are near to your due date is when you should pack your bag? So, your hospital bag should be ready to go by 37th or 38th weeks pregnant, to avoid last minute chaos. In case your labor pain starts before due date your preparations will help you a lot. This checklist will help you to prepare everything which you need for yourself and new born baby. Even you both should pack your bag together so that you both can double check the things. Once your bag is ready you should keep them handy, in your car or near your doorstep.

 What to pack in hospital bag for mom
Your hospital bag should be managed in two categories. First is before delivery when you are in labor pain and after delivery.

 Hospital bag checklist for labor and delivery
1. Pregnancy documents: – First thing should have in your bag is your pregnancy documents in which details about your pregnancy is there. It will be helpful for your doctor they can give you treatment according to your health conditions.

2. ID proof: – Next main thing is your ID proof which is needed by hospital. So, you should be ready with the printed copies.

3. Toiletries: – Another thing is your toiletries which is very important to maintain a good hygiene like your hair brush, toothbrush, tooth paste, paper soap, deodorant etc.


4. Comfortable clothes: – During labor pain you’ll need comfortable clothes. You should pack clothes which are comfortable during labor pain.

5. Comfortable pillow :- During labor pain you need comfortable pillow which is your favorite so that you feel comfortable in that hard time.

6. Relaxing time pass :- You should definitely have your favorite time pass like your favorite songs playlist or books by which you may feel relax.

7. Other essentials :- In this all your things which are small as well as important for your comfort like your slippers, lip balm, body lotion and massage oil etc.

 Hospital bag checklist after delivery

You need many things which are essential as well as important after delivery. Here is the list of those things :-

1. Heavy duty maternity pads :- First thing you need immediately after delivery is maternity pads. It is natural you may have heavy blood flow after delivery but by the time it will decrease. Although hospital may provide you some heavy duty pads but you can buy maternity pads of your own choice for your comfort.

2. Bras :- after delivery you may need some feeding bras which can help you to feed your child comfortably.

3. Glasses and contact lens :- If you wear glasses or contact lens then don’t forgot to pack these in your maternity bag because in hurry we may forgot these small things so better to include it in your checklist.

4. Clothes :- Apart from your night dress you should pack lose clothes also which are comfy after delivery. You should pack one dress for home to look beautiful with your bundle of joy.

5. Snacks and drinks :- You should pack your favorite snacks and drinks if the labor goes too long you have to eat some in intervals with your hospitals permission.

 What to pack in hospital bag for baby

There are many things you need to welcome your little bundle of joy. Because you can’t compromise with his\her comfort. So, here’s the list of all needy things which you need for your kid.

1. Baby clothes :- You should talk with your doctor in advance about the clothes or layers they are providing in hospital. You need to pack baby clothes according to it.

2. Socks and booties :- Your newborn baby can get cold easily so pack some socks and booties for him\her. Even during contact with family and friends your kid can wear hat and socks.

3. Blanket :- You have to pack some soft blankets for his\her comfort. He should feel cozy every time , these blankets can help you out. Although hospital will provide you blankets, but it will always better to have your own blankets for new born to avoid skin-to-skin contact.

4. Baby wipes :- In hospital bag of your newborn you should pack some wipes to clean the surroundings of your new born. Surroundings should be neat and clean for hygiene of your little bundle of joy.

5. Going home outfit :- You must be excited for your little one. So, you must be ready for going home outfit. You have to pack clothes according to season if it is winter pack warm clothes and if it is summer
season then pack mittens and some jackets etc.

6. Car-seat :- A comfortable car seat should be installed in your car beforehand to avoid any hustle during the time when you go back home with your newborn.

 Prepare baby room
Another important thing you need to do before your delivery is preparing your baby’s room. You should have all the essentials in your baby’s room which you need for proper care of him\her. Use your energy and time for preparing that room where you and your baby is going to spend a lot of time. Cover the room with color which soothe your baby’s eyes, and paste beautiful wallpapers.

If you’ll be ready with your hospital bag checklist then you can avoid end time hustle. In your 37th or 38th weeks you can feel any sign of labor pain.

If you feel any sign like water breaking, contractions, and mucus discharge immediately contact your healthcare provider. Be positive in labor pan and always lie down by your left side during labor pain.


Your little bundle of joy is on your way of happiness!

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