Best Survival Tips For A Summer Pregnancy

To all those pregnant women who are soon going to be mothers in the coming months, these two to three summer months of extreme summers are challenging for pregnant women, it becomes really difficult to manage so many things like nutrition, physical activity, the hydration level of the body and certain other things.

Summer pregnancies have few benefits like both the mom & baby can feel refreshed after the baby’s birth and the summers make it safe for the child to be out for fresh air in the evening which is generally not the case in winters. 

Summer pregnancy is also great in one sense that women do not need to wrap themselves up in layers to save themselves from the cold and have cold & cough issues. Summers can be a blessing for pregnant women. You can wear anything light and you can frequently take long baths in the bath-tub, which is very relaxing during pregnancy.

Here are some useful tips on how to survive a summer pregnancy. Make sure you follow these points to stay protected from the hot & humid environment.

  • Have a daily shower. It will make you feel fresh and energetic. If you feel excess heat with a heavy sweat then you can have a shower twice a day. But make sure not to sit in Air condition just after taking a shower because an instant drop in the body temperature may cause cold.
  • You can also go for swimming sessions during summers. It is a great workout and also keeps you cool and fresh during excess humidity. Always wear a maternity swimsuit before swimming.
  • Outdoor tasks like gardening, jogging, drying the laundry can be done during the early hours of the day when the sun is lower so that you need not come out in the afternoon when the sun is at its peak.
  • Wear breathable cotton fabrics. Keep them loose & comfortable to make you feel comfortable.
  • Make sure you take fluids at regular intervals. It can be water, fruit juices, smoothie, yoghurt, fruit-infused water and anything fluid which is safe to drink during pregnancy.
  • Add water-based vegetables in your diet like cucumber, tomatoes as it constitutes to water in the body and easier to digest during the summers.
  • Always apply sunscreen while going out and if you are in the sun for long hours then make sure to cover your face and hands with a breathable cotton cloth.

  • Stay active and don’t sit at one place for too long This can prevent the swollen feet problem which is quite common in pregnancy.

  • Make sure to rise your legs frequently during the day to relive your body from water retention.

  • Also, keep in mind to eat things cooked fresh because during summers the food turns bad quickly due to the high temperature.

  • Don’t eat very spicy food because it can lead to digestive problem and may raise burning sensation in your food pipe.

  • Do not always stay indoors in an air-conditioned room. Make sure to get yourself some fresh air. Go for an evening walk in the park or near the beach. Breathing fresh air is good for your body and for baby growth.

  • Make sure you do not take salt in high quantity.

  • Try to take small naps frequently during the entire day.

Well, the above points pretty much cover some of the important aspects you need to take care of during summer pregnancy.


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