Best Tips for Dads, to Bond with their Newborn Baby

A lot of articles we have covered here speak a lot about mothers and their newborn babies. As to how “the bond” develops within a few moments of childbirth. The bond feels so real and we also happened to discuss a lot about how the overwhelming feeling of motherhood is for a new mother.

Well, today topic is a little different but yet extremely important. It is for all the new dads out there. For all those men who feel the nature of responsibility and maturity from the inside as soon as they discover they are going to become a father. Feeling of being a father and holding your newborn baby is incomparable.

Why is it essential?

For a baby’s development and safe childhood, the newborn baby must share a unique bond of trust & affection from both the parents and not only the mother. Nature has already endowed all the mothers the unique joy of giving birth. And adding to that is the act of breastfeeding which is the ultimate bond for any mother out there. Even if some mothers don’t breast-feed, they still have carried the baby inside their body for close to 8-9 months which itself connects them for a lifetime.

Well, enough on the emotional part. Here are some easy and practical tips for all the new dads to bond with their newborn babies. Every man in his life once wishes to experience fatherhood as closely as possible.

New age dads equally share the responsibilities of a newborn baby, unlike the other generations who got scared just holding a baby. 

Bonding with the Newborn

The bonding we are talking about is naturally inhibited in both the parents irrespective of the gender. For both parents the baby is precious. And it is both of them who can go to any extent to protect the baby when the times call. It is often said that moms are naturally born with instincts or sixth sense and are overly protective for their babies but it equally applies to the fathers too. It is just that society accepts mothers mostly in these roles and not the fathers.

Anyway, dads should make sure to shuffle day to day activities of their infant child and take turns in feeding, nursing & bathing the child which will make the child too affectionate towards them. It is also a great way to make them feel the protective embrace of a father since early infancy.

Cuddle your newborn

New dads should try to soothe their crying infants, cuddle them and let them have an intimate skin to skin bonding to make them acquainted with the father who is as important as the mother.

Make eye contact

Make sure to spend some quality time with your baby. If you are a father, sing a lullaby, and have a conversation while making eye contact with your newborn. This is will make them understand your voice and they will respond to it as they grow. The bond developed during this time is as strong as anything.

Carry your baby

Carrying a baby is another way to bond with your babies and let them have the nurturing embrace of your body. Take turns while wearing/ carrying your baby in a sling. You can also take them for long walks in a pram/ stroller as a daily activity.

Read to your newborn

Make it a habit to read something to your baby. It is a healthy habit and they will catch so many things with this daily quality time they spend with their father. 

Try to understand the baby’s echo & coos

Babies are naturally very intelligent and they signal differently for their needs. Like when they are hungry you can tell it if you observe their echo. There is variation in cry pitch for hunger and diaper change. Moms too notice these things over a while and then they can easily tell the reason for their baby’s cry. 

I hope you find this information useful enough to share with any of your acquaintances who recently embraced fatherhood.

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